Bournemouth | 9 - 10 September 2017

Meet the PT: Train Elite’s Rob Cooke

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FitLiving UK is the brand new fitness show coming to Bournemouth this September 9th & 10th. There will be a variety of fitness classes available such as yoga, HIIT and dance, a shopping village where you can buy the best fitness apparel, and you will also find a nutrition zone where you will be able to find delicious and healthy food and drinks.

FitLiving UK will also be playing host to a range of top fitness names and instructors, including Bournemouth PT Rob Cooke from Train Elite. Rob has over 20 years of fitness experience and previously worked at David Lloyd and currently as one of the trainers at the well-respected Bournemouth Fit Body Boot Camp (BFBBC).

rob cooke fitliving uk

So we asked Rob a few questions to get the best health and fitness tips straight from the expert!

  1. What did you have for breakfast this week?

“During the week I have: oats, banana and 3 eggs, blended with almond milk and heated. But during the weekend, I treat myself a bit and have: smashed avocado, 3 poached eggs, steak and spinach.”

  1. Top fitness tip you give to people?

“The best tip I have is for you to be consistent, be dedicated, and give it everything you’ve got. Mix it up, and your nutrition and fitness have to work together to be effective.”

  1. Which exciting development in the fitness sector over the past few years do you find most exciting?

“I am really excited about the better education and the better knowledge that people are receiving about fitness and health; I’m also excited about all the technological advances to help support fitness. And just generally, I’m excited about the fantastic growth and drive by people now, to want to look after themselves, making all kinds of fitness a key part of that. And particularly the increase in women taking up strength training!”

  1. Which exercise do you most dread doing?

“None of course!”

  1. Which fitness brand do you think is the coolest?


  1. Do you enjoy exercising outside?

“Absolutely! There nothing better than a 6am training session on the beach to set you up for the day.”

  1. Which do you prefer, cardio or strength training?

“I advocate pretty much all fitness, but personally, strength training for me.”

  1. Best exercise people should do more of?


  1. What is your guilty pleasure?

“Coffee (black, no sugar, of course!)”

  1. How do you keep yourself motivated?

“My clients! I thrive off their motivation and drive, and of course seeing the fantastic results and how that changes them and their lives. (And lots of coffee!)”

And there you have it, straight from the expert!

Remember you can find Rob at FitLiving UK this September 9th and 10th. Book your tickets now!

You can check out Train Elite here.


Edited by Shemonti Shams


Class spaces and tickets are limited to be sure to secure your tickets in advance.